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Impact of COVID-19 on Rural Pregnancy and Childbirth

Are you a rural BC resident who is currently pregnant or gave birth after March 17. 2020?


Rural Community Responses to COVID-19

In light of the coronavirus outbreak leading to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Rural Evidence Review in partnership with the BC Rural Health Network has created a brief, anonymous online survey to learn from rural and remote BC communities about their experiences and responses to COVID-19.

We recognize the importance of local (“ground up”) solutions to address the health care challenges and priorities that rural and remote BC communities are facing, including COVID-19. We will use the survey findings to understand rural community solutions and resiliency in the face of COVID-19, and the findings will be shared with rural and remote BC communities to support learning and collaboration across communities.

We need your help to understand rural and remote community experiences of COVID-19! Please answer a few questions at the following link to share your experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic with the research team:


Rural Evidence Review Survey

The goal of the Rural Evidence Review project is to work with rural citizens and communities to provide high quality and useful evidence for health care planning in British Columbia. Are you a resident of a rural or remote B.C. community? We need your help to identify the health care priorities and needs that matter the most to you and your community! Take our survey, participate in an interview, or contact the project’s Coordinator ( to learn more.

The Rural Evidence Review survey can be accessed here:

In Vitro Fertilization

Have you received IVF for sub-fertility, and received maternity care from an obstetrician, family physician, or midwife in BC? You may be qualified to participate in our research study! Please see the poster for more information about the study and how you can participate.