Rural Surgical Obstetrical Networks (RSON)

BC’s Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues has provided $25M in funding over 5 years to support Rural Surgical and Obstetrical Networks (RSON) in BC. The RSON program aims to increase the sustainability of surgical and maternity services in rural BC communities by supporting five inter-related components: (a) clinical coaching, (b) continuous quality improvement, (c) remote presence technology, (d) increased scope and volume, and (e) evaluation.

RSON Evaluation

The RSON Evaluation will be carried out by the Centre for Rural Health Research in collaboration with key stakeholder advisors. The Evaluation will help to inform decision making around network development and improvement. The Evaluation will also provide insight into whether RSONs are helping to sustain and enhance surgical and obstetrical care for rural populations in BC. This will be accomplished by examining network development and function as well as network outcomes. Examples of areas the evaluation will examine are procedural outcomes at facility and population levels, cost-effectiveness of networks, and patient experience.

Shared measures

Figure 1. Social Accountability Partnership.

The RSON Evaluation will be co-developing measures with key stakeholders, i.e., pentagram partners (Figure 1). This will help to ensure the face validity of the evaluation.

The evaluation is committed to recognizing context and respecting differences between network sites and communities. Concordantly, there will be respect for local expertise in the identification of problems and solutions.

Co-development of measures will begin soon – the Evaluation team is looking for people interested in sharing their experience or perspective around access to surgical and obstetrical services in rural BC communities!

Please email RSON Evaluation Coordinator Anshu Parajulee at with any questions, comments, or feedback.