Perinatal Peer Network

About the Project

The Perinatal Peer Network project is an initiative (1) assess the feasibility of engaging patient partners who have experienced perinatal mental health concerns in the development of a community-based approach to address such issues and (2) evaluate the efficacy of the framework with key stakeholders.

Project Objectives 

• Developing an approach to engage citizen-patients with mental health concerns in research (underscored by values of respect, equality and creating a shared decision-making);
• Using this foundation to develop measures that determine the utility of the intervention as prioritized by citizen-patients and providers of the target group;
• Documenting rural women’s concerns regarding access to mental health services in the postpartum period;
• Documenting care providers’ (physicians, midwives, nurses, counsellors, social workers) experiences of providing mental health screening and care in the postpartum period in the context of limited resources in a rural community;
• Documenting women and care providers’ experiences using the Hards Method to create a mental health plan;
• The role of the Hards Method in creating more awareness about mental health issues in the postpartum
period; and
• Documenting best practices for engaging members of the community


(Photo: April, the project’s patient co-lead, with her son Virgil)