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Hello and welcome to the CRHR podcast channel! The Centre for Rural Health Research is proud to introduce the CRHR Podcast channel, where we will be publishing recorded audio programs exploring important health issues from across British Columbia. This channel focuses on:

  • sharing rural and remote patient and community voices,
  • discussing noteworthy and impactful findings from our continuous work on rural health issues with communities across BC,
  • engaging rural communities, academics, and decision makers to elevate the discourse on rural health issues in BC.

You can find a complete catalogue of our programs below. To keep up to date with our latest releases, subscribe to our podcast on Spotify, and Apple or Google Podcasts by following the links or clicking on the icons below.

Please note: As of November 1, 2020 the CRHR podcast has migrated to the Simlplecast platform and will no longer be published on Soundcloud. Please use the links provided below on this page to access episodes. Episode availability on Spotify, Apple, and Google platforms will not be interrupted.




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Season 2: Citizen Patient Engagement

Healthcare is supposed to serve the needs of the patient – but how do the people who design our healthcare system know what those needs are? What happens when a rural patient wants to share an idea for making healthcare better? How are rural patient voices heard in BC and why does it matter?

Join us as we begin to explore these questions and more in our new podcast mini-series all about rural patients engaging in healthcare improvement in BC.

Episode 1: Interview with Dr. Jude Kornelsen and Christine Carthew

In our first episode we are joined by Dr. Jude Kornelsen and Christine Carthew from the Centre for Rural Health Research to discuss why rural patient voices are so important for healthcare improvement, and how the Centre for Rural Health Research works to amplify them.


Episode 2: Interview with April Hards and Dr. Jude Kornelsen 
In this episode we speak with April Hards, the author of the Hards Method, a tool that expecting parents can use to help plan for their own mental wellness following childbirth. As a resident of rural BC living in the town of Golden, April took it upon herself to make sure that she would have the kind of integrated support she needed to protect her postpartum mental health. Now April is working alongside Dr. Kornelsen to have the tool she developed made available other expecting parents in rural BC.


Episode 3: Interview with Ed Staples and Nienke Klaver of the BC Rural Health Network
On today's episode we sit down with Ed Staples and Nienke Klaver of the BC Rural Health Network. The BC Rural Health Network is an organization composed of health advocacy groups from rural and remote communities across British Columbia who work to provide a coordinated voice on critical issues for rural health from the patient perspective. Join us to hear how the Network has grown rapidly since its inception only a couple of years ago, and how they have been engaging in health conversations all over the province.


Episode 4: The Out of Pocket Cost Survey - Interview with Eva and Gal
On today's episode We sit down with Eva Sullivan and Gal Av-Gay to discuss the CRHR's Out of Pocket Cost Survey - where citizens of rural BC have shared their experiences traveling to access the healthcare that they need. Gal and Eva share how the survey results were analyzed and what they learned in the process.


Season 1: Innovation from the Edges

As the Centre for Rural Health Research explores how to improve access to healthcare in rural and remote places across BC, we are exposed to countless inspirational stories of community resilience, ingenuity, and strength. Innovation from the Edges brings you some of these stories from communities across British Columbia as told by the people living in them.

Listen to the series trailer!

Episode 1: Quadra island Caremongering, Interview with Kristine Perron

In this episode of Innovation From the Edges, we chat with Kristine Perron, the organizer of the Quadra Island Caremongering group, about how one small island community has banded together to care for each other during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Episode 2: Fundraising and the Cowichan Hearts Campaign, Interview With Sierra Acton

In this episode of Innovation From the Edges, we chat with Sierra Acton, Director of the Shawnigan Lake Area in the Cowichan Valley, about the success of the Cowichan Hearts fundraising campaign and life in Shawnigan during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Episode 3: Checking-in while keeping a distance, Interview With Carrie Chard

In this episode of Innovation from the Edges, we talk to Carrie Chard, Fire Chief for the District of Wells, about how her community has developed a system to safely check-in on households while maintaining physical distance - all you need is a piece of paper!


Episode 4: Interview with Colin Moss, Councillor (and much more) for New Denver

On this week's episode, we discuss the how a small village in the interior of BC has responded to the pressures of COVID-19 with Colin Moss, town councillor amongst many other roles.


Episode 5: Interview with Jane McKenzie, Salt Spring Arts Council - COVID Chronicles

This week's episode wraps up our mini-series on stories of resilience and ingenuity in rural communities in the COVID-19 era with a discussion with Jane MacKenzie of the Salt Spring Arts Council (SSAC). The SSAC has been collecting any and all accounts of life during the pandemic from residents of Salt Spring in the form of poems, photographs, stories, and more. Join us as we discuss life on the largest of BC's Gulf Islands.