CRHR Podcast


Hello and welcome to the CRHR podcast channel! The Centre for Rural Health Research is proud to introduce the CRHR Podcast channel, where we will be publishing recorded audio programs exploring important health issues from across British Columbia. This channel focuses on:

  • sharing rural and remote patient and community voices,
  • discussing noteworthy and impactful findings from our continuous work on rural health issues with communities across BC,
  • engaging rural communities, academics, and decision makers to elevate the discourse on rural health issues in BC.

You can find a complete catalogue of our programs below. To keep up to date with our latest releases, subscribe to our podcast on Soundcloud, and Apple or Google Podcasts using the following links.




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Innovation from the Edges – Listen to the trailer here!

As the Centre for Rural Health Research explores how to improve access to healthcare in rural and remote places across BC, we are exposed to countless inspirational stories of community resilience, ingenuity, and strength. Innovation from the Edges brings you some of these stories from communities across British Columbia as told by the people living in them.

Episode 1: Quadra island Caremongering, Interview with Kristine Perron

In this episode of Innovation From the Edges, we chat with Kristine Perron, the organizer of the Quadra Island Caremongering group, about how one small island community has banded together to care for each other during the COVID-19 pandemic.