Rural to Urban Relocation for Solid Organ Transplant


Although our healthcare system is universal, substantial inequities exists for rural populations accessing healthcare. Rural patients in need of solid organ transplants face financial hardships due to the expenses associated with accommodation, transportation and food costs incurred when relocating to Vancouver for their transplant. Often patients are required to relocate on short notice due to the limited viability of the intended organ. In a city with one of the highest costs of living in Canada, and a vacancy rate of 0.9%[1], patients and their families face insurmountable challenges securing housing and attendant stress due to the associated costs.


The Housing is Healthcare research team is working towards providing rigorous data to support equitable healthcare for rural patients receiving solid organ transplants. We work collaboratively with a Community Advisory Committee to ensure that the research is grounded in the lived and living experiences of patients who have received solid organ transplants. To reach our goal of evidenced-based policies to minimize health disparities and promote equity for rural transplant patients, we are developing a rigorous and comprehensive understanding of the out-of-pocket costs experienced by solid organ transplant patients and their caregivers. We are also engaging patients and their caregivers in interviews about their experience receiving a solid organ transplant or being on the waitlist for a solid organ transplant. We are also using a cost-consequence survey to develop an accurate account of the out-of-pocket costs that are specific to rural solid organ transplant patients and their caregivers. These effort will result in data to inform changes to policy that lead to improved health outcomes for rural patients receiving solid organ transplants.


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For more information or to participate in this study, including in the patient and caregiver interviews, please contact the Research Coordinator Michee-Ana Hamilton (


If you are a rural patient who has received an organ transplant in the last 5 years and you would like to contribute to the research by completing the Out of Pocket Costs for Rural Residents Accessing Solid Organ Transplants survey, please click here for patient survey version.


Research Team:

Principal Investigators:

Jude Kornelsen, PhD

Associate Professor, Co-Director, Centre for Rural Health Research

Jacqueline Podewils

Community Partner, Lung Transplant Housing Support

Dennis Josey

Community Partner

Research Coordinator:

Michee-Ana Hamilton

Centre for Rural Health Research


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