Practice Experiences of Rural GP Surgeons in BC

October 2005 to October 2007

Research Team

  • Principal Investigators: Jude Kornelsen and Stefan Grzybowski
  • Co-Investigators:  Stuart Iglesias, Nancy Humber, and Patty Keith
    Support Team:  Cynthia Lin Hsieh, Andrew Birse, Georgia Walton

Funding Agencies

  • Michael Smith Foundation for Health Services Research, and Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute


  • Squamish, Sechelt, Lillooet, Grand Forks, Creston, Nelson, Revelstoke, Golden.  This project also involves telephone interviews with participants in other rural communities in BC and Alberta.

Project Summary

  • The goal of this research is to investigate the role of GP Surgeons in British Columbia and their contribution to sustainable maternity care in rural communities.  Specific objectives include:
    1. Investigating the experiences of GP surgeons in providing obstetrical care to rural communities including motivation, support received, and barriers to practice;
    2. Investigating the relationship between GP surgeons and specialists in their local community, and in referral and in tertiary care facilities; and
    3. Investigating the mechanisms through which GP surgons secure training, mentoring and continuing medical education.

Project Updates

Data collection for the project has been completed and analysis of transcripts has been undertaken.  Most recently, the research team travelled to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to take part in the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada (SRPC) Annual Meeting to present our findings from this project.  Overall, the response was positive, and the team is excited to share our results in other forums.

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