Mobile Maternity (Patients)


About Mobile Maternity

Mobile Maternity allows you to “meet” with your out-of-town Obstetrician using a computer monitor, video camera and microphone. This permits you and your Specialist Doctor to visit as if you were both in the same room.

Mobile Maternity benefits you by

  • Providing access to specialist doctors’ services in the convenience and comfort of your community
  • Keeping you close to home
  • Reducing travel time and costs for you and family members
  • Giving you a choice to meet with your obstetrician specialist by Mobile Maternity or in person

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I expect during a Mobile Maternity session?

You can see, hear and talk to your obstetrician through video conferencing. You are not required to operate the Telehealth equipment. You may ask anyone to leave the room (if others  are present in the room with you, or in the room with  your health care provider).

  • How do I request a Mobile Maternity session?

Talk to your family doctor about Mobile Maternity. If it is right for you, and if the service is available, your family doctor   or   midwife   will   arrange   a   Mobile Maternity session.

  • Can someone come with me to my Mobile Maternity session?

Yes, a family member or friend is welcome to attend your Mobile  Maternity  session. Please  think  of  your  Mobile Maternity  session  as  a  regular  appointment  with your family doctor, midwife and specialist.

  • How is my privacy protected?

All  Mobile  Maternity  sessions  are  done  through  an encrypted  system.  You  will also  be  asked  to  sign  a consent form that outlines the details of the system and the research on the program.

  • May I still meet with my specialist doctor in person?

It is your  care. Mobile Maternity is your  choice. If  you feel   the  Mobile  Maternity session  does  not  meet  your health care needs,  you  may  end  the  session  and schedule a face-to-face appointment with the specialist doctor.

  • How long is a Mobile Maternity session?

Dependent on your specialist doctor’s preferences,  the length of a Mobile Maternity session can vary.

Participating Midwives and Doctors

  • Boundary
    • Dr. Bob Lewis
    • Dr. Nathan Dalla Lana
    • Dr. Jen Dressler
    • Dr. Allison Carroll
    • Dr. Geoff Coleshill
    • Dr. Rob Sebastian
    • Dr. Gwen Campbell
    • Dr. Eddie Naude
    • Dr. Marilize Naude
  • New Denver / Slocan
    • Dr. Charles (Chuck) Burkholder
    • Dr. Michael Magier
    • Donna Gibbons, NP
  • Kaslo
    • Lana Knoll, Midwife
    • Dr. Shelina Musaji
    • Dr. Chantal Guillemette
  • Creston
    • Leah Barlow, Midwife
    • Dr. Karen Persad
    • Dr. Nerine Kleinhans
    • Dr. Barry Oberleitner
    • Dr. Crystal Campbell
  • Nakusp
    • Dr. Oyegoke Oyetola
    • Dr. Chelsea Anchikoski
  • Grey Creek
    • Sylke Plaumann , Midwife
  • Campbell River
    • Jennifer Kask
  • Port Hardy
    • Dr. Ramin Hajeb Hosseinieh
    • Dr. Jie Bai
    • Dr. Gregory Kutney
    • Dr. Jessica MacLeod
    • Dr. Howard Lee
  • Port McNeill
    • Dr. Dave Whittaker
    • Dr. Joy Mijares
    • Dr. Prean Armogam

Or ask your Family Physican

Ask your doctor for more information or contact:

Mona Mattei, Telehealth Consultant

Centre for Rural Health Research, UBC

Cell: 250.443.1899